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Since 1985.

The Association of Producers - Exporters of Fruits, Table Grapes and Other Agricultural Products, APOEXPA, was founded in 1985 with the objective of defending the general interests of the sector and improving the competitive positions of its associates in foreign markets.

He belongs to the Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Other Agricultural Products, FEPEX, where he chairs the Table Grape Commission. Currently, APOEXPA has 30 associated companies.

The products they export are, mainly, stone fruit such as apricot, peach, nectarine, plum and table grape, which account for approximately 80% of the private producer-exporters in the Region of Murcia and on the specific subject of the table grape this percentage can be transferred to the national level. In addition to citrus, vegetables and preserved products.

The services that APOEXPA provides to its associates can be divided into five large groups: information, administrative and financial management, training, environmental commitment and research and development.


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- Employment advice
- Meeting point of the productive sector
- Information on foreign markets
- News related to the sector
- Surveys, statistics, studies on matters of interest, etc.
- Transmission mail before the Administration
- Attendance at fairs
- Processing of monthly Intrastat declarations
- Management before official bodies of Labor and Social Security.
- Management before all the Bodies of the Regional and National Administration.
Offer of courses of general interest for the training of both employees and entrepreneurs. All of them 100% subsidized.
Continuous training plans:
- Compulsory courses in our sector such as: "Applicator of phytosanitary products, both at a basic level and at a qualified level" (applicator card issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water), "Alimentary Hygiene" (food handler) both in warehouse and in the field, "Safety, Hygiene and Risk Prevention for both collectors and handlers", "First Aid", etc.
-Courses related to SME Management, marketing, IT, etc.
The Association through its Environmental Cabinet will promote the eco-efficiency of its associated companies, supporting them in their updating with the requirements of environmental legislation.
On the other hand, our objective is to value the environmental wealth of fruit plantations as permanent CO2 sinks and invaluable help with the Kyoto protocol.
The search for new varieties adapted to the consumer's taste is an initiative of the Association that is reflected in projects as specific as ITUM.
In the future, we will collaborate on various projects that have a real reflection on the competitiveness of the associated companies.
Collaboration agreements: With the Ministry of the Environment, with the Ministry of Employment and Training, with the Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration and with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, etc.
Collaboration in research of new varieties of Apirenas Table Grapes, etc. Legal defense on the previous problem.
Apoexpa is present at all the representation tables in the Region of Murcia. As a member of the CROEM, IMIDA, we are part of the Territorial Commission of Agrarian Insurance, of the CRISIS COMMITTEE, of the Foreign Trade Commission of the Murcia Chamber of Commerce, has participated and collaborated in the Strategic Plan of the Region of Murcia, in the Strategic Plan for Agriculture of the Region and together with Proexport and Fecoam we have elaborated the Competitiveness Plan of the Sector of Fruits and Vegetables of the Region of Murcia, as well as in the Clusters of the Agrifood Knowledge of our Region etc. . As FEPEX Associates, we chair the Table Grape Sector Committee. Forming part of the Sectoral Committee of Stone Fruit.
Apoexpa prepares the presence of its partners in the most important fruit and vegetable fairs in the world:
- Fruit Attraction in Madrid.
- Fruit Logística in Berlin.
- Asia Fruit Logistics in Singapore
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Formation plans ·

PL 2013-46

Aimed primarily for active workers in the agricultural sector.


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