This new edition has brought together specialists from all over the world and, for five days, table grape producers, researchers, consultants and professionals have met to discuss the advances and challenges that this industry faces, addressing trends in aspects related to innovation in product varieties, quality, production techniques, health, post-harvest and other issues that are key to the long-term sustainability of this industry.

Enrique Moya and Josefina Mena from MOYCA with Joaquin Gómez from APOEXPA


Antonio Caballero from Frutas Torero, Josefina Mena from MOYCA and Joaquin Gómez from APOEXPA


Trinidad Díaz from MOYCA


Joaquín Gómez President of APOEXPA


Joaquin Gomez Carrasco, President of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Table Grapes of the Region of Murcia, APOEXPA, has participated in the discussion:

«Twenty years ago in Spain we began to investigate new varieties, none of them have seeds, because those with seeds are disappearing,» says Carrasco, saying that seedless grapes are a «fourth natural range». Speaking of international markets, Carrasco adds: “The great concern is that the increase in production will cause a fluctuation in prices. For this reason it is necessary to find new outlets in the market, but generally growth is a slow process. Therefore, it is not a question of producing a greater quantity, but a better quality. This is the challenge shared by all producers in the Mediterranean area.