The three hundred people between the diplomatic corps and Spanish residents who attended the reception at the Spanish embassy in Hanoi on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Day were presented with a basket of Murcian grapes as a scoop of fruit from Spain in that country.

The Murcian delegation organized by the Development Institute and APOEXPA was made up of representatives of the companies Moyca Grapes (Josefina Mena), El Ciruelo (Cristina Gutiérrez), Frutas Torero (Antonio Caballero), Frutas Esther (Jesús Gómez) and the APOEXPA association (Joaquín Gomez).

In the stores and supermarkets of the large cities of this country, the seedless grapes from Murcia arriving in the first 4 containers are already seen as a novelty.

Vietnam, with a population of more than 95 million inhabitants and an economic growth of more than 7% per year, is emerging as a new important destination for Murcian grapes.